Tattoo Cultures Across the Globe

Cultures are spread across what was once an immense globe and despite the greatest separations of time and geographical boundaries, some things remain constant throughout them all. The culture of body art and modification has deep roots in many cultures and is always representative of great inner quality, significance or experience.

Whether you are on the waves outside Polynesia or in the heart of Mexico City, you will find that the ink carried in the skin is used to identify and symbolize. The following article, written by TattooRemovalCreams, has a concise overview of some of the most significant tattoo cultures in the world.

1. Samoan Culture, Polynesia

The original tattoos, or “tataus”, come from Samoa. Men wore a special symmetrical design that featured blocky patterns as well, these are called Pe’a. Women also had a very attractive and significant tattoo that was worn on the legs and thighs called the Malu, the motifs practiced by the women were not used on the men. The black inks and tools used to apply these tattoos are primitive and natural.

2. Maori Tribe, New Zealand

One of the most iconic tattoos in the world is worn by the Maori Tribesmen in New Zealand. These designs are worn on the face and are certainly an intimidating sight to see. The special tattoos, called Ta Moko, are applied differently to the men and women, while the men have their entire faces beautified, the women add modest marking to the lips, nose, and chin. These are some of the most beautiful tattoos in the world.

3. Buddhist Culture

The Mandala wheel has been an important part of Buddhist culture for many centuries. They are beautiful circular and intricate designs that represent eternity and many other very important aspects of Buddhist Traditions. These can be applied in very large and attractive patterns that can be applied differently according to the individual.

4. China

You can’t have a culture where the words used are such pretty characters and concepts, without somebody wanting something permanent. Chinese tattoos also include impressive works of art that cross the entire body, back or chest and very impressive. The traditional process is applied with bamboo or bone needles and is considerably painful. These are also very symbolic and can mean blessing, love, beauty and other choice meanings.

5. Japan

Tattoos in Japan are highly significant and also typically depict elements of their customs and Japanese traditions. Koi fish, Geishas, Samurai and other words and phrases are used. There was a time when only criminals and outlaws had tattoos in Japan, as they were considered taboo. For a long time, the powerful Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, had a system of identification and ranking that among many things included Tattoos.

6. India

From India to Morocco traditional henna tattoos are an important part of a religious and social ceremony. These painless tattoos are applied by a specialist and can last on the body for many weeks. Today the traditional henna tattoo has been improved greatly and now Silvers, Golds and other colors are available other than the simple Red.