What I Love About Body and Business Coach Thomas DeLaurer

Thomas DeLaurer is a fitness and nutrition expert. His focus is mostly on helping busy executives. Even though I only own a small business I still have days where I am so busy I do not know how it went from morning to night.

I hate the idea of missing out on working out or eating properly. Yet, this used to happen on busy days. In between reading 25 emails and answering dozens of voicemails, I’m lucky to get around doing the work I need to do such as sourcing new accounts, following up on leads, and closing sales.

I end up grabbing snacks every so often and even though I am super busy, I know when I am snacking on a handful of cookies when I could be taking the time to choose a healthier snack instead. It only adds to my stress.

With Thomas Deluarer, I have learned techniques for handling super busy work days. He makes it easy by suggesting that you stretch first thing in the morning and drink water. Stretching helps lowers your cortisol levels which contribute to fat build up. Drinking water mobilizes your fat.

One thing he suggests is you do work out first thing in the morning. I do my cardio, come home and drink a green drink which he suggests, too. A busy workday is a day to fast. The green drink breaks that fast. He also tells you to take fish oil pills. These steps get me ready to face the day without disrupting my diet or fitness goals.

What is interesting is that fasting makes you focus more. It also helps you burn fat. So, when I start my work day, I am already on it. I love his tips which are available on Youtube, Reddit and in his books. He has suggestions for fighting anxiety and that helps me a lot to survive my busy work days.

Thomas DeLaurer considers himself a body and business executive coach. You do not need to own a business to benefit from his tips. He is an excellent authority on organic foods and anti-inflammatory diets. He still offers one-on-one coaching but in limited ways.

He has lots of advice on things like dairy, protein, and keto diets. He offers tips for starting oil pulling regimens and natural things like that. I love his overall approach to balancing work with good health and sensible eating.

Reference: https://thomasdelauerreviews.com